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3 Publications
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A systematic theory of the asymptotic expansion of the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equilibrium in the distance from the magnetic axis is developed to include arbitrary smooth currents near the magnetic axis. Compared to the vacuum and the force-free system, an additional magnetic differential equation must be solved to obtain the pressure-driven…


Quasisymmetry (QS), a hidden symmetry of the magnetic field strength, is known to support nested flux surfaces and provide superior particle confinement in stellarators. In this work, we study the ideal MHD equilibrium and stability of high-beta plasma in a large aspect-ratio stellarator. In particular, we show that the lowest-order description…


Quasisymmetry (QS) is a hidden symmetry of the magnetic field strength, B, that confines charged particles effectively in a three-dimensional toroidal plasma equilibrium. Here, we show that QS has a deep connection to the underlying symmetry that makes solitons possible. Our approach uncovers a hidden lower dimensionality of B on a magnetic…

Supported by a grant from the Department of Energy